8 Problems Every Goalie Can Relate To

1) Turf burns…everywhere From your legs, knees, hips to your elbows you’ve had turf burns. And re-opened those turf burns. The next morning you feel like a hero taking the pain for the team but it’s not fun and games when your at practice that night…     2) Mangled Fingers At least one finger […]

My Goalie Gloves

My Favourite Goalkeeping Gloves  Behält     These are my personal favourites. I am currently using their R.14 Model which is a roll finger cut with a 4mm pro contact palm.         However I also use their R.14 Model with the Elite Quartz palm although I tend to only use this palm on astro as it […]

Next Step: California, USA

California State University Bakersfield here I come! So it is official, as of July 2016 I am a ROAD RUNNER! I’ve been fortunate enough to have earned a spot on the Runners team in Bakersfield, California (2 hours from L.A). Therefor, July this year I will be making the huge move over to the USA […]